Today much is said about the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT). Due to the large availability of the Internet and the emergence of certain technical capabilities in the world, more and more processes of managing physical objects via the Internet directly occur. We can already say that in fact we already live in the era of the Internet of things, since the number of devices connected through the Internet exceeds the number of people living on the planet.
This wired or wireless network connecting devices that have standalone support is managed by intelligent systems equipped with a high-level operating system, independently connected to the Internet, can execute their own or cloud applications and analyze the collected data.
Existing wireless technologies are not able to meet the needs of individual applications in the transmission of small amounts of data over long distances with high autonomy and low cost of connectivity. Typically, such applications relate to the field of inter-machine interaction and the Internet of Things. A network based on LPWAN is a technology that supports an entirely new class of telemetry devices. Its appearance became possible due to the development of the component base: radio
modules and transceiver equipment. LPWAN networks are also alternative wireless data networks that are built without the need to use the services of mobile operators.
To date, Smartco has been implementing its solutions in the industrial and residential sectors. The counters of gas, water, heat and electricity are supplemented by wireless LPWAN data transfer terminals. Autonomy of the integrated device without replacing the battery is up to 10 years.