Automated control systems of technological processes is a set of solutions with the use of technical and software tools intended for automation, control and management of process equipment in industrial enterprises.
Currently, one of the most promising methods of automation is dispatch control and data collection (SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). SCADA systems are designed to manage complex dynamic systems (processes) in vital and critical production and safety processes. It is on the principles of dispatching management that large automated systems are built in industry and power engineering, in transport, in space and military areas, in various government structures, in all branches of the economy, where it is required to provide automatic control and management of technological processes in real time.

One of the basic directions of activity of the company “Smartiko” – execution of integration projects in the industrial automation sector.
According to customer requirements, “Smartiko” is ready to provide a solution using hardware tools and specially developed software. The developed software allows for real-time acquisition, processing, displaying and archiving of information on the subject of monitoring and control and integration with accounting systems, operating on the territory of the customer.
This system may be either part of, or global superstructure APCS, ASCMA, AVL systems, both in stationary processing facilities, and the movable truck to ensure fuel flow control functions, positioning, transport logistics, linking thus without exception monitoring objects and management.
In most cases, work on the project begins with a detailed study of the technological process at the customer’s enterprise, drawing up a correct technical task for the system and its coordination. An important component of integration solutions is the development and approval of project documentation, the fulfillment of requirements for metrological support of supplied solutions.
For all integration projects, “Smartico” provides service, technical support, warranty obligations and training of the Customer’s personnel.