The construction of wireless broadband data transmission systems using the CAMBIUM NETWORKS equipment is one of the activities of the «Smartico» company.
Organization of wireless communication channels is possible in the most difficult conditions, which can be: noisy radio environment, close arrangement of several radio transmitters on one mast, borderline level of radio visibility, periodic occurrence of obstacles to radio signal propagation, etc.
Application of Diversity Transmission / Transmission Technology (MIMO). The principle of MIMO is that the radio signal is transmitted from spatially separated radiators (structurally, within the same antenna) and is likewise received on the remote side. Further, the received signals by a certain algorithm are summed up and provided to the consumer (for example, via the Ethernet port). This principle allows to increase the speed of data transmission through the wireless channel due to the compaction. The influence of obstacles to radio signal propagation (birds, trees, cars, precipitation, etc.) that fall into the Fresnel zone is significantly reduced. In addition, MIMO reduces the effects of wind gusts, which can disrupt the alignment of the antenna.
Cambium – professional carrier-class equipment for organizing wireless communication channels.
In the wireless part of Cambium uses its own protocol, which is fundamentally different from the usual WiFi 802.11. The adoption of this decision has increased the immunity of wireless channels, organized with the help of Cambium equipment. It should be taken into account that the wireless link layer protocol developed by Cambium with the 802.11 standard is incompatible. However, the manufacturer took care of existing solutions that involve the connection of various subscriber stations working on WiFi standard 802.11 and released a number of products, for example, ePMP 1000 Enterprise Hotspot and cnPilot.
Thanks to the special manufacturing and modification technology, the Cambium antennas provided a high degree of side lobe suppression, which meets the requirements for professional antennas. The ratio of the level of the emitted signal in the useful sector of radiation to the shadow sector (Front to Back Ratio)> 30dB.