The company «Smartico» is a developer, manufacturer of hardware and software.
When solving integration problems (tasks of integrating systems, equipment, accounting and control units), selection of ready solutions available in the arsenal of our enterprise. But there are cases when there is a ready solution, but it does not suit the customer for one reason or another. In this case, the specialists of «Smartico» conduct a deeper analysis of the task, agreeing and adopting a new concept of its solution based on the needs of the customer. Solving such problems may entail the completion (adjustment) of the work of existing software, hardware, and sometimes the development and implementation of a fundamentally new software and hardware solution.
This process can be divided into several basic basic steps:
– coordination of the requirements of the technical task of the customer;
– finding a technical solution to the problem, coordinating the concept of the integration solution with the customer. If necessary, carrying out research and development (R & D);
– development of experienced solutions;
– conducting test tests;
– supply of the solution;
It should be noted that this process is taking place on production sites and by the forces of “Smartico” employees with the active participation of the customer representatives.