Company profile

Smartico company is a research and production complex with its own design office, production base, department of specialized software development. The head office is located in Dnepr city (Ukraine).

Smartico is a developer and manufacturer of hardware and software to solve the widest range of automation tasks, including the introduction of energy monitoring and accounting systems and access control systems, the organization of wireless broadband data transmission systems and radio communication networks, GPS monitoring of transport and fuel consumption, transport logistics, control of the work of special equipment and automobile fuel tankers.

Since 2007, we have been working on the market as an integration company, supplying customers not only with hardware and software, but also with complex specialized technological systems that we carry out “turnkey” in accordance with technical tasks of any complexity.

Since 2016 Smartico has been actively developing and producing hardware devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). Devices of this type can solve a variety of technological problems in both the industrial and communal sectors. The devices are operated using the latest algorithms of operation of energy-efficient LPWAN radio networks in the unlicensed radio frequency band.