About us

Smartico is a research and production complex with its own design bureau, production base, and specialized software development department. The head office is located in the city of Dnipro (Ukraine).

Since 2016, Smartico has been actively developing and manufacturing hardware devices for the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Devices of this type can solve many technological problems in both the industrial and utility sectors. The devices are operated using the latest algorithms for energy-efficient LPWAN radio networks – LoRaWAN and NB-IoT.

The main activities:

  • Development and production of “smart meters” of gas, water, electricity, heat with the function of wireless data transmission and the ability to remotely block the supply of energy;

  • Telemetric energy management systems (ASKUE, ASTUE) to provide control of gas, heat, water, electricity consumption with further analytics when processing the received data, building reports and transferring data to the enterprise accounting systems;

  • Complexes for controlling the receipt, storage and delivery of fuel for technological vehicles of the enterprise (equipment for fuel and lubricants warehouses);

  • Development of telemetric radio terminals for the tasks of remote monitoring of technological objects (mobile and stationary objects, GPS monitoring);

  • Monitoring technological parameters of career special equipment (car video surveillance systems and adaptive driver assistance);

  • Monitoring the operation of tanker truks (equipment with automated mobile fueling modules);

  • Design and manufacture of devices for the “Internet of things”. Production of sensors with autonomous power and wireless data transmission;

  • Implementation of integrated solutions for the organization of intelligent industrial and street lighting (“smart light”);

  • Contract serial production of electronic equipment using our own production lines;

  • Development of equipment according to the technical specifications of the customer;

  • Construction of wireless broadband data transmission systems (organization of wireless systems in the 2 and 5 GHz bands at speeds of up to 200 Mbps);

  • Assistance in the development of the Terms of Reference for the construction of control systems and control systems for technological equipment of various categories of complexity;

  • Automation systems for technological processes of process control systems (solutions for the automation of control, management, analytics processes at the enterprise);

  • Automated and supervisory control systems for technological processes SCADA (automated process control systems using logical controllers and software);

  • Systems using human-machine interfaces (HMI – Eng. Human-machine interface) for solving problems of monitoring, control and programming of technological processes;

  • Software development for automation solutions for a wide range of technological processes at the enterprise.


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